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I am currently studying Spanish in Madrid on exchange and I would love to learn more Spanish and meet more people. I am currently part time English tutor for children but open to any ages. I would like to learn more Spanish and French and would love to help you with your English. If you are interested in a language exchange message me on WhatsApp!

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Estoy nivel b1 pero quiero estar un nivel b2-ish. Of course we can practice English too! Hi I am looking for someone to do intercambio my spanish for your English. I would like to meet someone near Rivas or the city centre. However i can speak on Skype or WhatsApp.

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Feel free to Contact me and we can make plans. Drop me a text if you agree. Hello, I am Esther. I work as teacher in a Primary School. I have been teaching for 20 years. I have studied Spanish at Complutense University. I am very patiente. If you are interested in a language exchange send me a whattsapp. I would like to improve my English I'm currently a C1. In return I could help you with your Spanish. Hello, I am Shanah, I have moved to Madrid recently and I'm taking Spanish lessons twice a week but i would like to practice my Spanish speaking with a Native speaker over a beer or coffee.

I'm 21 years old and I enjoy cooking, yoga, talking about politics, and films.

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Intercambio clases de ingles por ayuda en gym Hi, I'm an English teacher in center of Madrid and want to exchange my classes for gym training. Contact me if you are into fitness and general healthy lifestyle. Hola soy prof de ingles busco cambiar clases de ingles por ayuda en el gym. Vivo por el centro. Thanks for reading.

I'm a 40 years old Spanish , dancer and teacher Who needs to practise speaking skills. I offer material and trainning in Spanish, besides conversation. Je suis espagnole, 38, professeure d'anglais. Hey, I just moved to Madrid and would like to improve my Spanish, I can help you improve your english in return. Just moved to Madrid and am trying to learn Spanish! I am from London and am willing to help with your English. I am free during the days. Would meet in the centre of Madrid over coffee or a beer.

Hello , I'm Guillermo and I would like to improve my english in a conversational way. I'm able to speak fluently but I know that my grammar and pronunciation are not the best. I can help you with your spanish anytime , even if your level is low. Please feel free to send me a message if you are interested. I speak a bit Italian if you want to practice.

Muchas gracias. Myself and my partner are from England where we lived in Liverpool.

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We moved to Madrid a couple of months ago but have struggled to improve our Spanish. We are currently taking lessons on Friday afternoons but only for the next 3 weeks.

Thank you! I am looking to learn Spanish in exchange for English. I live near the centre in La Latina. I want to improve my English with someone that want improving Spanish. Contact me. I live near principe pio so I can meet near the center of Madrid. I am free in the afternoons. I used to work in English and I'd like to keep on practicing.

Volunteering at our Farm and/or Teaching English and botanical garden at Runtun, Baños Ecuador.

I have more than 4 years of experience in teaching English to adults and I'm looking for a native Spanish speaker, preferably Spanish teacher. I can also help with photocopied material for English learning. Tengo alrededor de un nivel B1. Vivo x plaza castilla, solo puedo quedar los fines de semana y me gustaria solo chicas. Hi my name is Irene and I am 20yrs old living in Madrid for a year. Good Spanish but want to improve my technical vocabulary.

I would like to meet up with a Spanish university student studying a science preferably biology, ecology, conservation, climate science to discuss and talk about science in both spanish and English. Hi I'm Charo and I offer spanish conversation for english conversation. I have good experience on that. But it would have to be in my house in Fuenlabrada south of Madrid. Hi, my name is Darren, I'm an English teacher here in Madrid. My Chinese level is a little low, but I would like to meet to with a native speaker to practice.

I'm easy going so I don't mind doing anything. My level of English is good, but I need to practice with native people for an exam I am preparing. Also I speak Russian and Ukrainian on a native level, so I can share it with you. Hi, I am Miguel, Spanish, I want to improve my English and I offer Spanish. I studied in UAM. My name is Katina who is from China.

If someone is interested in,please contact with me. My name is Lidia, i'm a 38 spanish girl. I'm looking to improve my speaking. I'm a certified spanish teacher so I can help you with your Spanish in exchange. Contact me if you fancy to grab some coffee and start practicing. Gracias : Hi there. I would like to meet up with someone to practice Spanish. My level of Spanish is B2, more or less, but I would like to improve. I like the normal things; to spend time with my family and friends, listen to music, go to the cinema, go out and have a drink, travel, etc. If you would like to meet up to have an exchange, let me know : Thanks!

Creando Cine is a Film School and TV production company that is organizing an exclusive professional meetup. Write to cursos creandocine. Discounts on every drink if you are with us! Mi nombre es Ryan y soy de escocia. Vivo en el centro y no quiero viajar mucho, pero si hay alguien interesa, contacta me.

Thanks :. I am also available for telephone of skype conversations.


I am free during the weekends. I am from Chicago, wanting to meet spanish speakers to practice speakng spanish and for you to practice english. I will meet at a cafe, bar, for informal and formal meetings. I would love to meet over a beer and I'm available evenings and weekends. Vivo por la zona de Barrio del Pilar, pero puedo desplazarme. Si vives cerca y te interesa, contacta conmigo.

Hi my name is Darren, I'm an English teacher living here in Madrid and I would like to meet someone to practice my Chinese with. My language skill is not so high, so we would probably mainly speak in English, and as I am a teacher I can help you with all aspects of the language. I am happy to meet anyone for coffee etc in the centre and chat about anything. I'm Stacy. I'm from Northern Ireland living and working in Madrid as an English teacher.

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I want and need to improve my Spanish, and I want to help improve your English : I am relaxed, sociable and interested in people's lives!!. Let's meet for a coffee,beer, whatever you like! I'm Ismael, a 23 year old Translation college student and I would love to meet up weekly with an English native speaker.