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Beneath the main floor is a resting area, which Little Fool refers to as the "warriors' pit", filled with non-hostile Fool enemies, as well as a Bench. See here for waves information. To the very far right of the Colosseum, behind the gates of the arena, there is a breakable wall made of shells which leads to a large chasm with a lake at the bottom.

By the lake shore, among the large cages and chains, the Pale Lurker can be found holding a Simple Key. She will scream and flee to her arena as the Knight approaches. The arena is a large locked area separated into the upper level and the bottom level, which the Lurker will constantly switch between. After she is defeated, a door in the upper level will open, allowing the Knight to cross through the chasm, a shortcut leading directly back to the Colosseum. Sign In Don't have an account? Start a Wiki. Godmaster Content. Room where the Shade appears if the Knight dies in the arena.

Eastern side of the arena accessible from the warriors' pit. Western area of Pale Lurker's arena featuring a locked gate.

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Categories :. Another warrior finds their way to our fair Colosseum.

Ours is the final destination for all seeking trials of intense and deadly combat. Once I got pranked my foster sister asked me and my other foster sister if we wanted gum but it was sour candy and we said yes then we took it and screamed and said sour but I was seven at the time and she was nine and I was mad the rest of the day and im still mad to this day ;. Hi my name is Livvie I was wondering how did April false day begin? I loved the artical it gave me heaps of imformashon on April false day I didn't know that it was on April the first,I would always forget about it!

Awesome, Livvie! So glad you learned something new with us! Come back and Wonder with us again soon! Thanks for the feedback, Panda! We hope the next video you watch is more interesting to you! One time I went in to the Lockeroom and took the guys clothes so he couldn't come out, until a girl had to go in and give it to him.

Prediction: I think the next wonder of the day I read will be about trucks.

I pressed enter a lot of times so you'd have to scroll down to read it! Don't read on! You did read on didnt you! Hey-did you hear of the U. I didn't hear the city, but it was told to have LED lights. They were so bright. When I heard it was on the news, it looked pretty cool. I'm just posting this here because it seemed pretty close to April Fool's.

I doubt it was a hoax. It was pretty realistic looking.

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The U. Do aliens have April Fool's? Happy April Fools! Very interesting. We will have to check that out, GoldenStar! Do you know the upside down cup prank?

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Its messy but fun to watch! First, get a non-see through cup and fill it up all the way with water. Next, take a cutting board and put it on top of the cup. Then, your ready to prank! Flip the cup upside down and slide the cutting board off as fast as you can and viola! Now, clean up the water that spilled out and Have fun watching! But, be careful, if your vitim cannot take a joke, do not play this prank on them!

That does sound like a messy prank, but we are interested in the science behind how it works. Thanks for sharing! Sorry Angie, we can't think of any right now, but if you give us "zamora" time, we might be able to think of something funny.

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Thank you for adding to the discussion, Hannah! We decided to remove the mention of Purim to save confusion. Thank you for helping keep Wonderopolis in tip-top shape! Welcome, karen! We're glad you learned something new while visiting Wonderopolis! Hi, kira! We hope you learned something new about the history of April Fools' Day!

Thanks for commenting! My birthday is on April 1! Thankfully people are nice enough to not do a prank on me and treat it as my b-day. That's funny, Wonder Friend! We hope you don't trick her too bad! We hope she had a great birthday! Be sure to share this Wonder with her! We're glad to hear that people have not played tricks on you for your birthday. You're right, that wouldn't be very nice. Hi, Anjur! Penguins are cute and interesting to learn about, too. I like the part at the end about the Left Handed Wopper and I was wondering who made those funny jokes about the Swiss Spegetti trees and the Taco Liberty Bell who made those jokes?

Those are funny jokes, Abigail! April fools is the best one year i put sour cream in my moms shampoo and she thought it was her shampoo but it really wasn't it was sour cream. Oh goodness! What a prank to pull! We hope you and your mom shared a good laugh about that! These were very interesting facts!

Thank you so much, Gilli! Thanks for making us smile and pointing out the funny section of the video, too! Hey there, Alena, we Wonder if you have another favorite holiday to share? It sounds like April Fools' Day is one of your favorites, but perhaps you have other traditions during Halloween, Independence Day, or even Christmas! We're so happy you liked learning about April Fools' Day with us, Alena! We Wonder if you and your friends play little pranks on one another?


Alena, you've got us chuckling with all your April Fools prank comments today! We're happy you've been giggling with us today! Hi Wonderopolis! The "Spaghetti Tree" video was so funny! I almost believed it! Two new vocabulary words I learned today are ballyhoo and tomfoolery. One wonder I have is "Who made the first calendar? Hello, Team McNeil 21!

We're glad you stopped by this Wonder today and shared those cool facts and new vocabulary words! Way to go! We also like the Wonder you shared Hi Wow, I never knew that April fool's was not legal, also I never really bothered how April fool's was made.

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But reading this made the topic interesting. That is cool how April fool's was also "supposed" to be on May 2.