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Watch him scamper a few steps in stocking feet. Letting go with two hands, he bounces the ball onto the alley, an exertion that sends him flat on his rear.

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The ball veers right, hitting the gutter. Then the ball ricochets, inching down the alley, toppling eight pins. At Sports Center Bowl in Studio City, one of thousands of facilities offering bumper bowling, gutters are padded with foot inflatable vinyl tubes that make it almost impossible to throw a ball in the gutter.

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What testimonials for this game lack in eloquence, they make up for in brevity. Which explains, in part, why business is booming. The padded bumpers were the brainstorm of Zena Sheinberg, a special-education teacher, and her social-worker husband, Alex Wortman, of Ann Arbor, Mich.

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Every ball goes into the gutter and no one is having a good time. The couple began experimenting with barriers. Their first attempt, with cardboard carpet tubing, although clumsy, was well received.

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But the road to invention was paved with obstacles, sending the couple back to the drawing board several times. Early efforts included using clothes dryer ducts as well as heavy-duty tubing from a local utility. About 18 months ago, patent in hand, Sheinberg and Wortman signed a royalty agreement with manufacturer Picchietti. Plus, save up to 35 percent on North Carolina toll rates and enjoy discounted rates in some other states for rates charged to NC Quick Pass customers on other toll facilities, please contact the respective toll agency.

After opening an account and depositing the required prepaid balance, you will receive everything you need to start using your NC Quick Pass transponder, including account information, installation instructions and terms and conditions. If you have a motorcycle or one of these vehicles , you cannot use a standard transponder because the vehicle's windshield has a material in it that interferes with the toll equipment's ability to identify the transponder.

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Instead, you will need an exterior-mount transponder that you easily attach to your vehicle's front bumper or head lamp. Install the NC Quick Pass sticker on the inside of your windshield following the installation instructions.

Antennas above the road receive a signal from a microchip inside the sticker, and tolls are deducted automatically from your prepaid NC Quick Pass account. The NC Quick Pass exterior sticker is the best option for customers who only plan to travel on toll facilities within North Carolina, Florida SunPass and Georgia Peach Pass but have a motorcycle or a vehicle with a windshield that interferes with the operation of the transponder.

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  • Cost Free. Install the NC Quick Pass sticker horizontally on the center headlamp following the installation instructions. All motorcycles, with or without a transponder, travel toll-free in the I Express Lanes in North Carolina. Antennas above the road read a signal from a microchip inside the device, and tolls are deducted automatically from your prepaid NC Quick Pass account.