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Watch Video: Hallelujah! Tiffany Haddish has gone from guest star to full-fledged movie star, starring in a string of comedies, including the Tyler Perry dramedy "Nobody's Fool," which lands in theaters this weekend. See how the actress has evolved through the years. Haddish was born in Los Angeles on Dec. After she became the primary caregiver for her family after her mother suffered an accident, she opted to go to the Laugh Factory Comedy Camp when she was 17 years old.

There, she received mentorship from people like Richard Pryor and Dane Cook. In , she scored a recurring role on "Real Husbands of Hollywood. Go aliens, exterminate this movie-verse!! Silly plot with horribly pushed tie-ins to the battleship game. Plain dumb aliens. I was really, really bored. And now I've lost faith in Hollywood movie making. It's not better then Transformers, It's just as bad. If your over 10 years old: Don't watch this.

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If you 10 or younger: Don't watch this. Hollywood needs to learn that they can't push this crap from the toilet to the big screen anymore! In reality a technologically advanced species would wipe us out within five minutes. No movie Therefore, this movie depends upon a sequence of improbable happenstances to allow it to progress We have a suitably driven central character and a capable side cast who take up the spirit of the piece, which is essentially heroism in the face of extreme odds If you cannot suspend your disbelief for the duration in order to feel the bravado humanity is genuinely capable of, you do not have the capacity in yourself Your score for this movie directly correlates to how happy you are as a person.

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Battleship is bar none the worst movie I have seen in recent years. The main heroes in this movie are indeed American navy sailors, but the one thing the film-makers really failed at is making these people likable and realistic. Taylor Kitsch plays the lead character, he's basically some drop out loser who robs convenience stores to get girlfriends and joins the navy at his brothers behest, and in what seems like no time at all he becomes a lieutenant with big responsibilities on a naval vessel with some few hundred men beneath him. The special effects are the only thing to keep you invested, however they're all completely CG so it just likes a cut-scene from a video game.

Something that should be impressive like a ship sinking is made pointless because it's something clearly rendered on a computer.

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  • The soundtrack to the movie is okay composition wise, but it's often loud and draws attention to itself and it sounds exactly like the Inception soundtrack on numerous occasions. This movie has the shadow of Transformers looming over it, both in its marketing and tone. Battleship however is far, far, far worse than any of those three films and it could probably be used as a symbol for the decline of western civilisation.

    Freyguy6 21 May There may be some inadvertent spoilers in this review, so beware! I went to see this movie with my girlfriend expecting an action movie with based on the previews really good special effects. After the first 5mins of the movie, it became apparent that Battleship was going to mix in some comedy as well. Both my girlfriend and I were both laughing a lot at the beginning of the movie, and it loosened our original perception of the movie.

    Now, we were just there to have a good time.

    For the most part, I was impressed. A good amount of the negative reviews I have read seem to not even be about this movie. I read one that literally stated, "Why did we have to slaughter these aliens that were just trying to get home? These aliens were trying to use our satellites to bring more ships to earth to take over the planet!

    User Reviews

    They were piggy-backing on our technology because their communications ship crashed at the beginning. They weren't some well to do aliens who accidentally crashed and were trying to get home! This was an invasion! Another review said there were too many side stories There were literally two. The main story arc deals with the main character fighting the aliens, and then his girlfriend is helping an army vet who lost his legs and they get into some trouble.

    That's pretty much it. The one big problem I had was the super cheesy part towards the end when all of the old veterans working on the Mighty Mo are posing all over the ship and Hopper gives them the mini speech about asking them to do more for their country.

    Critically hated movies that are actually awesome

    That was just way too corny for my taste, but it didn't take away too much from the over all movie. All in all, it was a lot of fun.

    The movie had great special effects, the interplay between the actors was amusing, and at times, just plain funny. The story was okay, there are a few things that were kind of left hanging, but this isn't supposed to be some artsy, independent film.

    Avengers: Endgame and the apocalypse of cinema

    I disagree with the reviewer who says that "It's an action movie" isn't a good excuse. I say it is. If you want moving dialog, Oscar worthy acting, and a swath of top name actors This probably isn't the movie for you. If you just want to have a good time, have some laughs, see some great special effects and walk away from a movie with a smile on your face, go see this movie. On a certain level, there's no way I can claim that Battleship is a good movie in any conventional sense. The plot is incredulous and the script couldn't be riddled with more holes if you unloaded a shotgun at it.

    Even the idea that the movie is based on Hasbro's classic board game of the same name is rather disingenuous: yes, there is a battleship involved in the action, almost all of which takes place at sea, but other than that any resemblance to the game we all grew up playing seems purely coincidental. And I certainly don't remember any aliens in the game I had.

    But somehow, despite it all, Battleship stays afloat. There's a certain energy and enthusiasm to the film that is infectious, even via the big screen. The story may not make a whole lot of sense, but it is a lot of fun.

    The Year In Cinema 2018

    The extravagant special effects—merely par for the course in any modern would-be blockbuster—are one factor, but spectacular as the many explosions, gunfights, and various displays of pyrotechnics are, there's more to it than that, an overriding sense of fun that makes all the conventional weaknesses of the film meaningless. Certainly, the cast seems to be having a lot of fun on screen. Taylor Kitsch, who stars as Lt.

    Alex Hopper, is an empathetic hero whose struggle to overcome his personal weaknesses is ultimately played out with the fate of the world at stake when he finds himself and the crew of his Navy destroyer in the wrong place at the wrong time—and smack in the middle of an amphibious alien invasion. Alexander Skarsgard plays Alex's older brother and mentor, a Navy Captain to whom Alex feels he has been a shallow disappointment.

    The gorgeous Brooklyn Decker does an adequate job as Alex's girlfriend, Samantha, whose father just happens to be the Admiral of the fleet, and played by the great Liam Neeson in a typically authoritative performance. The only real weak spot in the cast is singer Rihanna, making her big screen debut and looking like it. The plot isn't deep, but it does have some positive aspects, incorporating elements of personal redemption, self-empowerment, and self-sacrifice, all concepts that more movies would be well-advised to advance.

    And while the movie is in a sense very violent—once the aliens arrive, things start to blow up at a rapid clip—there's nothing especially graphic or bloody. The dialog isn't Oscar-worthy, but is sometimes quite witty. In the end, Battleship is a prototypical summer actioner. It's nowhere nearly as good as The Avengers, but as a very different type of film is still worth seeing if big-budget mayhem is your thing. If you're okay with a movie that doesn't stimulate your brain and requires only that you go along for the fast-paced ride and enjoy the show, Battleship is surprisingly entertaining.

    Sevenixx 5 August I saw the trailers for the movie and expected another Transformers, SFX for all your money. When I started watching the movie though I noticed something wasn't just right.