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Want to build better client relationships? Are you looking to cross-sell existing clients or maybe looking to recruit new salespeople? There are many reasons it makes sense to participate. My recommendation is to pick your top 3 and develop all your trade show marketing materials with those goals in mind. Once goals are determined you can begin planning the three main phases of any trade show: pre-show preparation, show attendance and participation, post-show follow up. Develop all the elements of your trade show marketing materials to be branded with the overall look and feel of your company.

Your trade show exhibit, sales uniforms, brochures and trade show giveaways should all convey the same theme. If it is a large show and you are going to be setting up appointments for your top customers then a pre-show mailing may be in order. There are several ways to make sure your top customers are aware of your new offering.

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E-mail, regular mail and phone calls from their sales representative are definitely in order. E-mail is one way to reach attendees to invite to your trade show exhibit. This can be sent weeks in advance to the attendee list.

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Then follow up again the week before the show with a quick reminder via phone or e-mail. Your salespeople should also call their clients and key prospects to invite them to stop by. If you are going to be hosting a hospitality area then a more formal invitation may be in order. You want to make sure they know where you are and when they should be coming by.

BEST Opening Lines (for Trade Show Exhibitors)

The next area is the actual trade show displays experience. At the recent show we attended. They were done. In my personal opinion that is the worst thing you can do. If people even slowed down slightly as they were walking the trade show floor my team was in front of our booth engaging them in conversation and taking them to our booth. There are many different styles of trade show exhibits and the investment you make may depend on the number of shows you attend annually. So we designed their booth to look like a giant chess set. The floor carpet was made to look like a chess board and the booth backdrop the pieces.

With a background of senior executive positions, challenging consulting successes, and powerful coaching processes, Kellan is uniquely positioned to help motivated people eliminate barriers and achieve their most treasured success. Elliot Kay is an author, speaker, mentor, and business strategist. He is one of the top UK speakers and business strategists in the industry.

After building his own successful coaching practice, he now shows others how to plan and scale their businesses for success. Elliot has directly assisted hundreds of coaches, speakers, consultants, and entrepreneurs around the world and continues to speak at many events, conferences, and seminars. Scott Duffy is a best-selling author of Breakthrough. He started his career working for Tony Robbins. He uses his television and online channels, speaking platforms, best-selling books, masterminds and coaching programs to serve as a catalyst for creating breakthroughs in your life and business.

He started his career working for best-selling author and speaker Tony Robbins.

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Diane Hamilton — a sought after expert in emotional intelligence and the creator of Curiosity Code Index. Erno Hannink is a business coach. His unique ability is asking tough questions and push you toward action. Today Mitch helps people finish the courses and programs they bought using accountability. Kai Davis teaches Freelancers and Consultants marketing habits that fill their pipeline with warm leads.

I really appreciate it. He blends his backgrounds in Neuroscience and Eastern Religion to help clients that have a harmful relationship to their inherent aggression. He helps people uncover and destroy the unconscious barriers that cripple them by using a blend of the Modern Psychoanalytic and Contemplative Psychotherapy. Stephan Spencer is a 3-time author, avid blogger, international speaker, and consultant on all things SEO. Marc Mawhinney is a lifelong entrepreneur who helps coaches get more clients without paid advertising. You can learn more about him at www. His passion and specialty is helping other coaches build successful businesses by defining their target markets, implementing systems to better manage their time and make more sales.

Danny Bermant is director of Brainstorm Digital. He has a particular interest in education, B2B and in the pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors, although he has worked with many other sectors too. As well as delivering the majority of our training courses, Danny is a sought-after speaker who regularly addresses conferences on how social media can be used for client acquisition.

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In this community, Ian teaches an online course that includes proven copywriting techniques, ClickFunnels strategies, Facebook Ads best practices, and more. Jim Padilla is a visionary, also known as the Captain of the Ship. He and his team have led dozens of entrepreneurs to huge success in their launches, driving sales and surpassing goals and expectations. His God-given talent and nature allow him to inspire his team and partners to achieve their full potential. While living in a tech-obsessed world, with Uber at the tips of his fingers, Jonathan also relies on low-tech tools like his Moleskine notebook, pen and a cup of Starbucks.

It is also a place for creating fun quizzes that also generate leads.

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Josh regularly writes about lead generation and conversion rate optimization CRO. Marc publishes multiple blog posts every day on his digital marketing blog and tweets every 15 minutes to over , Twitter followers. Marc has the fearlessness of his teen years and dedication of an entrepreneur mixed into one mindset which guides him through the process of creating products and writing content.

He thrives on helping entrepreneurs, creatives, and executives launch and grows ideas. He provides consulting services to executives and CEOs in the Digital, Media, Content and Start-up worlds, as well as coaching services to first-time and early-stage entrepreneurs. His business is built around one common principle to help business owners find their purpose and joy in life and your business. They offer executive coaching, designed to effect positive transformation so you can realize your desired vision and lifestyle. As an experienced CEO and company director with 35 years of sales and business leadership experience, he is ranked by Top Sales Magazine as the most influential person in professional selling in Asia-Pacific.

Louis and has been also been a guest speaker at Webster University and St. Louis Community College.

He speaks frequently on a variety of digital marketing topics at marketing conferences and workshops. Prior to his work in the technology space, Nick spent more than eight years on Wall Street as a high-frequency algorithmic trader and was the youngest person to graduate from Berkeley with a masters degree in financial engineering. He is the author of the Selling With Confidence sales system and host of the award-winning Sales Babble podcast. Now, she makes the case on behalf of your business and career dreams — happiness too. She is a global business consultant and coach, entrepreneur, and show host of the Boomtank Business Show Podcast.

Since founding his own company in , he has helped companies and individual sellers around the world to transform their sales results. His top-rated podcast, Accelerate! And 8 on Inc. He comes from a very diverse background podcaster, author, professional speaker, teacher, life coach, and mentor. He helps people find their passion and guide them to create their business around that. He is an expert in combining three areas: passion, profit, and purpose. He helps business owners connect the dots, see the blind-spots, and get unstuck, by helping you implement unique sales, marketing, and hiring systems — so you can have a bigger impact, reach, and contribution.

He helps small businesses sell more and sell with sophistication.

He also spends a lot of time providing strategic counsel to business owners around the what, when and how of running their companies. He has authored more than 75 articles, books and how-to guides with practical solutions to create high-quality survey instruments and processes that have been implemented at more than organizations. She is gifted with understanding people and how to get them to shift, increase productivity, and utilize their talents to complete company objectives. That skill set shows up in her leadership strategies, sales scripts, and marketing campaigns.

Her clients rave about her ability to get to the heart of any business challenge and then built the system to support sustainable change. As a lifelong learner and passionate about self-development, financial education, entrepreneurship, podcast host M.

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Laubscher will be your guide interviewing successful and inspiring guests that share their knowledge, experience, and journey to help guide you to achieve your goals and help you thrive and prosper in the new economy. He helps his clients shift their mindset around relationship building, so they discover new connections and business opportunities. His work has been featured in Inc.